How it all started...

The Culture Of Achievement - About Us

Three years ago we started our own business on Amazon from a small apartment in Romania after following the AMAZING SELLING MACHINE course.

That was the moment in our lives when we chose differently and we assumed the risk. We did it because we could not imagine living a life in which we are trapped in a system created and imagined by others, just for themselves.

The Dream

The Culture Of Achievement - Our Mission

We did not want to depend on a job anymore, we did not want to count the money monthly in order to fit in our surviving plan, we wanted a better education for the children, we wanted to travel, we wanted to be and feel free! Therefore, many of our wishes came true and in a few years we managed to create a multi million dollar business on Amazon.

We believe in the principle of generosity and because of this we wanted to offer this chance to others too. We started by creating a group called The Culture of Achievement with all the people in Romania that just started their own businesses on Amazon.

The Goal

The Culture Of Achievement - About Us

The purpose of this group was to support each other and to grow together beautifully as persons and as entrepreneurs.

Today, our mission is to build a powerful system that will help people from around the world develop themselves and become powerful and fulfilled business owners, guided by great visions and values while maintaining a happy and healthy way of thinking. We believe that only authentic entrepreneurs have the power to positively change the world and we are 100% committed to make this happen.

The Know-how

The Culture Of Achievement - Our Mission

The personal and financial "The Culture of Achievement" Development Program has the purpose of developing and sustaining the personal and financial growth of entrepreneurs.

The new entrepreneur is the one who does everything with a purpose, having a well defined aim and a beautiful mission that outgrows personal environment.

The ethical and moral values define the culture of this kind of entrepreneur and the generosity, gratitude, balance and empathy are just a few of his main characteristics.

Through our Program we want to build a powerful system able to form a new generation of authentic entrepreneurs which will redefine the concept of success, making the world a better place for all of us.

The People

The Culture Of Achievement - About Us

At this moment The Culture of Achievement Program supports people that have their own business on Amazon. The Program is combining personal development techniques and education with strong information, business strategies, valuable contacts, guidance and support from most experienced Amazon sellers and business owners.



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