How does it work?

The Culture Of Achievement - Coaching Masterminds
  • Step 1: Fill in your details in the form below.

  • Step 2: We will send you a detailed questionnaire to fill out for us to get a clear understanding about your current situation, goals and needs.

  • Step 3: We will send you a coaching contract and payments details.

  • Step 4: We will plan your coaching and introduce you to your coach.

  • Step 5: Before you start the one-on-one coaching, you will have a short introductory meeting with your mastermind group.

We are offering Amazon Business Coaching for all business levels

PhaseMonthly Sales VolumePrice Per PersonNumber of PeopleMeeting Every
Coaching Phase 0$ 0 - $ 10,000$ 900 / 3 Months52 weeks
Coaching Phase 1$ 10,000 - $ 50,000$ 1400 / 3 Months4-52 weeks
Coaching Phase 2$ 50,000-$ 100,000$ 2300 / 3 Months4-52 weeks
Coaching Phase 3$ 100.000 - $ 1.000.000$ 3500 / 3 Months42 weeks

Who is the Coaching for?

No matter what level you are on your Amazon business there are always challenges that you will have to face if you want to get to the next level.

Our coaching program is designed for both beginners and advanced sellers who want to learn from experienced business people that have already built multi-million dollar businesses on Amazon.

Benefits of the Program

  •   The coach will work with you personally according to your specific goals and needs.

  •   All the information, advice and guidance that you will receive will be tailored to your own product(s) and current needs of your business.

  •   Together with your coach, you will set measurable targets and have daily tasks to accomplish between meetings.

  •   You will have a clear plan of action and will receive guidance and support for growing your business and taking it to the next level.

  •   You will receive ongoing feedback from your coach and from the other members of your mastermind group.

  •   Our coaching program will help you take massive action that may lead you to amazing results in your business.


  •   Basic knowledge of the English language.

  •   At least one product live on Amazon.

  •   We will connect you to a coach that best fits your level and that can contribute most to you. Coaching call durations will be 1-1.5 hours per session, depending on your level.

  •   You will receive tasks to accomplish after each session.

  •   Payments are done for every three months in advance.

  • If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us within 7 days of your purchase to receive a full refund.

The Culture Of Achievement - Peter Lazea

Peter Lazea

Romania - Phase 0, 1, 2 Amazon Coach, One-on-one Amazon Coach

Peter grew up in Germany and decided to move to his home country Romania at the age of 24. He quitted his jobs in Germany and worked in Romania instead for a $300 salary just to put himself in the hardest position in Europe, so he could demonstrate himself and others, that everything is possible. After 2 years of struggling with low income he started his Amazon journey (year 2015) with no prior knowledge in e-commerce or basic English, 2 little kids, no money and very little time because of his full time job. Despite these obstacles, he was very determined to succeed and to live a free life. He and his wife decided to borrow money from the bank to be able to buy the ASM course, started that course and then to fly to Las Vegas, so they could learn from the bests. After 7 months Peter quitted his job and reached 8k profit per month, which means 26 times more than his previous salary. One of his biggest desires is building a strong community of powerful entrepreneurs and creating a new world with a new system. Today Peter makes $2 million per year in sales with his Amazon business and created the program called “The Culture Of Achievement” which offers Breakthrough Amazon Mastermind Coaching and – once a year it unites sellers around the world for one of the top Amazon workshops worldwide.

Tomer Rabinovich

Israel - Phase 2, 3 Amazon Coach

Tomer Rabinovich, 31 years old, from Israel. Tomer started selling on Amazon 3 years ago with no background in online sales. Last year Tomer quit his job to put his entire focus on his Amazon business while developing his own tactics and strategies. Since last year he started traveling the world while masterminding with some of the biggest sellers on Amazon. When not working, Tomer spends most of his time with his wife and newborn son.

The Culture Of Achievement - Tomer Rabinovich
The Culture Of Achievement - Massy Wahab

Massy Wahab

Holland - Phase 0, 1, 2 Amazon Coach, Personal Development Coach

Massy is 32, He began his business journey at 12 years old and since then, he opened many companies. After his graduation he quickly turned to entrepreneurship to make the world a better place. He has developed a 3 step model to help internet entrepreneurs succeed faster. Massy is selling on Amazon for more than 2 years and is doing 7 digits a year in sales.

Moses Newman

USA - Phase 2, 3 Amazon Coach

Newman’s ambition for business officially began at the age of 21, where he owned, and successfully sold, a 100 seat telemarketing brand. 18 years later, after prosperous ventures in car rentals and pharmaceuticals, Newman dove headfirst into the tricky e-commerce world without any formal knowledge, just pure motivation. Now his multi-categorical brands take in between 60 to 70 million each year, and continue to grow stronger each day

The Culture Of Achievement - Moses Newman
The Culture Of Achievement - Veronica Sticlaru

Veronica Sticlaru

Romania - Phase 0 Amazon Coach

Veronica is 30 and she is from Romania. She started selling on Amazon 4 and half years ago, with little success in the first 2 years. She and Adrian, her husband, began this business with almost no background in online sales but a big dream: to be financially free and travel the world. Through hard work, no plan B and a fierce desire to succeed, they have build a solid business that alows them to work from anywhere, even from the beaches of the Caribbean sea (yes, that advertised dream). Veronica loves to help people, because she believes that entrepreneurs are the ones that are shaping and changing the world.

Paul Bristow

UK - Phase 1 Amazon Coach

Paul has been selling on Amazon since 2015/16 and became a full time entrepreneur in Jan. 17. Like many, Paul’s initial products where unsuccessful, but through determination & perseverance he went on to launch successful products. Paul has now established a successful multi 7-figure business brand. Paul’s areas of expertise lies in brand building, identifying & developing winning products, facebook bots, listing optimisation & ranking.

The Culture Of Achievement - Paul Bristow