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The Culture Of Achievement - James Lissaint

Through this Facebook Community we share useful information, answer questions and support each other. The ones that are most successful and willing to help others have the possibility to become MENTORS in the group. Therefore, we have MENTORS that are very active, answer questions and help others.

WEBINARS – Inside this group we organize business and personal development live online Webinars with successful business owners, motivational speakers, personal development coaches and inspirational entrepreneurs.

The Mentors

The Culture Of Achievement - Veronica & Adrian Sticlaru

Veronica & Adrian Sticlaru

Being an entrepreneur is something you either born with it or you learn it. We are part of the second category. Amazing Selling Machine was the start of an amazing journey with ups and downs, with victories and also with frustrations. After almost three years of selling on Amazon we’ve been through almost every situation you can imagine, hence the solid background and the experience. The Secret of Success? Never Give UP! We are a team and one of our dreams is to help other people be free and follow their own fairytale.

Veronica: storyteller, brand developer, listing & images specialist, coffee lover and opportunities of development seeker

Adrian: PPC, logistics & all tech stuff Amazon related, amazing photo and video editor, always interested in strong connections and groups of people that share the same vision

The Culture Of Achievement - Florin Rosca

Florin Rosca

My name is Florin Rosca, I am 33 years old and I am originally from Romania but currently living in the United States. I always wanted to know how to make money online, even when I was a teenager. I’ve seen what a great opportunity would be to sell on Amazon so, back in the beginning of 2017, I started my journey. I actually started it because I know this business will help me live life on my own terms, spend more time with my family and give me the possibility to help other people.

The Culture Of Achievement - Zoltan Piroska

Zoltan Piroska

My name is Zoltan and I started selling on Amazon since 2014.

I have started this business because I wanted to build my first passive income source. I love the freedom it provides. I can travel anytime anywhere I want and only need my laptop and access to wifi.

I choose to be a mentor for The Culture of Achievement because I wish to help others to succeed in this business and in life as well. I have received lots of help myself and I know how important even one piece of information can be and how much time, effort and energy it can save. Not to mention how much money too.

The Culture Of Achievement - Cosmin Dumitru

Cosmin Dumitru

I’m 33, I have 2 wonderful kids and a very supportive spouse. I’ve “landed” on Amazon after a long period of researching for the “perfect” business model. I’ve always wanted to start and grow my own business and to prove myself that I can. After 11 years working in a corporation, I knew that I have to change something so I can spend more with the people I love, doing the things I like.

I joined ASM7 and Peter and Adina offered me the opportunity to be part of their group. Thanks to them and the community they’ve created I learned so many new things and met very special people. I will give all my support to this community and together we will grow bigger and faster.